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LS Central is an end-to-end retail solution for stores or chain of retails, which extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. This integrated solution delivers completed and innovative functionalities to the busiest retailer without the need to build, manage and maintain multiple applications and interfaces. Its unique use of single application covers your whole retail business from the Point Of Sale (POS) terminals to headquarter. The powerful functions including Point of Sales, In-Store Management, Inventory Management, Workforce, Product Management, Reporting and Analysis, Mobile & eCommerce.

Take advantages of LS Central

Increase sales

Management can generate the report easily from the updated data by built-in reporting and analyzing tools and can execute the flexible sales and marketing strategy via sales and price management to make high profits. In addition to the built-in reporting, it integrates to other Business Intelligence solution in order to optimize business plan.

Grow your business

LS Central can adopt changes quickly. It allows you to meet all challenges in the fast changing retail environment.

Increase customer satisfaction

You can provide the personalized service to customer with the powerful mobile solutions.

Boost efficiency

The most innovative function- InStore Management, gives the total control of store activities to retail managers who can manage their stores in the most efficient way.

The Powerful Functions

Sales and Price Management for LS Central

LS Central system offers useful tools for sales and price management. The multiple price structure capability allows you to easily set up and execute the flexible pricing and promotion strategy such as complicated mix & match promotions.

Point Of Sales (POS) for LS Central

The POS is an integral part of LS Central solution. LS Central POS works online, or offline with user-friendly graphic user interface and features which allows employee to manage the sales transactions more easily. It can be used with the touch screen equipment and keyboard. The layout of POS interface is open and friendly enough for in-house IT to change on demand.

Mobile Solutions for LS Central

Mobile POS supports mobile device, it enables you to view the membership, integrate e-Commerce, check inventory on your mobile. Also, your salesman can view customer information, shopping history, personal preference in the shop floor anytime to provide the personalized customer service. LS Central Membership management system also includes the loyalty scheme program, it enables you to collect the valuable customer information and up-sell your target customer easily.

Replenishment for LS Central

The Merchandising and replenishment functions of LS Central supports retail managers to manage their retail business in the efficient way. The calculation of stock replenishment is automatic and accurate for a single store, store groups and store type profiles. The inventory planning and management features help you to control the stock levels and to reduce the unnecessary logistic cost.

Business Intelligence Tools for LS Central

In addition to the built-in reporting and analyzing tools, LS Retail software integrates with Standard Microsoft BI technology such as Microsoft Office, Excel, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Reporting technology in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and other market-leading Business Intelligence solutions. It allows users to get more data for more complex analysis.

Data Director, Scheduler and Transaction Server for LS Central

LS Central has an integrated communications module. It is well built to send data between head office, store and POS terminals. POS can run batch jobs by scheduling and make ad hoc checking in other locations.

Retail InStore Management for LS Central

LS Central provides powerful back office functionality both in the stores and the head office including Price Management, Inventory Management, Cash Management, Barcode Label Printing, Staff Management, Remote Purchasing. It gives the store manager ability to control all activities in the store in the single platform and manage the data replication between the POS terminals, back office and head office.

LS Central

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