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Nintex is one of the world leader in workflow/ Business Process Management. More than 5,000 public and private organizations in 90 countries benefit from the Nintex platform┬╣. It can empower your business and help you to create the streamlined workflows in the entire organization to ensure compliance, increase working efficiency. The Nintex flagship products include Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms, Nintex Mobile and Nintex Connectors.


You can automate your business processes by using an intuitive, easy-to-use, browser-based, drag-and-drop workflow designer.


You can build and customize web-ready and mobile-ready forms (e-Form) quickly and easily. Nintex Forms allows workflow variables to be used as form data.


Nintex mobile apps allow you to capture data, submit requests, start processes, complete tasks, review content, approve documents from your smartphone or tablet anytime anywhere.


You can simply drag and drop a connector into the workflow design, Nintex platform can handle the communication, authentication and encryption details. With the Nintex Connectors, you can build a workflow process integrated with the platforms you use.


It is tightly integrated with SharePoint to avoid the additional infrastructure and client software costs. The out-of-the-box capabilities help you to automate your core business processes. With the Nintex Forms for SharePoint, you can build and customize forms without code. It integrates with databases and business application via standard Web services and SQL.

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ACW Distribution

ACW Distribution (HK) Limited is a Value-Added Distribution corporation for leading Enterprise Solutions in the Asia-Pacific region since 1986. We create IT solutions by integrating the "Best-of-Breed" products in the market and delivering them to the end user via an extensive network of trained and certified channel partners in the region.

ACW Solutions

ACW Solutions Limited provides comprehensive and the best of breed information technology solutions including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Retail Management, Human Resource Management, Business Process Management (BPM/ Workflow), Business Intelligence (BI) to cater different client's requirements. Our clients include enterprises from Multi-national Corporation to small and medium business in the Greater China Region. Providing strategic solutions to improve effectiveness, productivity as well as competitive power to clients is the mission of our company.

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